Llanllyr Source are a carbon neutral organisation and maintain a Green Dragon Environmental Standard Level 5.

Since 1180, pure water has been drawn from natural springs under the organic land, glacial valleys and rolling green hills of Wales. In 1999, SOURCE Spring Water launched at the family estate in Llanllyr.

Llanllyr enjoys regular rainfall that replenishes water reserves, taking just 18 months to filter through the organic soil. The low mineral content of SOURCE Spring Water creates a perfectly balanced, soft and velvety taste profile.

Llanllyr SOURCE is a natural spring water coveted by elite chefs and connoisseurs around the globe. Flavours include:

  • Tonic Water
  • Light Tonic
  • Club Soda
  • Fiery Ginger Beer
  • Ginger Beer
  • Ginger Ale
  • Lemonade
  • Bitter Lemon

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Zero nasties. 100% hand-made Italian goodness. The grin is real, let us give you the sauce…

It’s Southern Italy, and the famiglia is huddled on the back porch. Nonna’s in charge. It’s loud, Maria’s peeling pomodori, Luigi’s stirring the pot, Sarah’s sterilizing bottles. You get the gist.

The “Bagnomaria” or “bain marie” gently brings the contents to a boil, naturally preserving the quality of the humble, home-grown tomato.

And so, as the team at Awesome fondly remember these days, they’re replicating the magic. Bagno Maria passata was born, and today it’s available in BIOAGRICERT certified organic and as a conventional passata also.

So in love with their land and traditions, our Southern Italian manufacturers, Salvatore and his family, are 100% invested and instrumental from go to bellissimo – hand-selecting only the best 1 st grade products from crop to groovy jar.

Our top-notch 100% Italian tomatoes are processed within 4-12 hours, which means no citric acid is required to be added (a cause of heartburn).

Our industrial processing is much slower – the way our Italian cousins do it – allowing us to preserve the organoleptic (sensual) qualities of an end-product kept as pure as possible for our Aussie enjoyment.

Tasty, unique, organic, and since 2015, constantly certified and controlled. Why? Because we respect you the consumer as much as our beloved passata.

You don’t get a guernsey into the most competitive markets and retail chains without a high-quality product. No sir. And with our range, output, productivity and efficiency rate, no-one’s leaving the table hungry at Awesome.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil + MCT: a powerful duo for brain & body

Boost, nourish and energise your worthy insides with a Keto, Vegan, and Paleo-friendly drop ready to be consumed raw, pan-fried, drizzled over a salad, or shaken in a dressing.

Trust Awesome to bring some of the world’s best olive oil to your table.

We have. And it’s packaged as a powerful duo for brain and body.

A duo pairing our award-winning, locally sourced, produced, and grown EVOO with MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides): MCTs derived from 100% natural coconut oil – not palm oil – cutting palm plantations down is like letting off a carbon bomb while starving the orangutans…

Coconut oil has unique, super-rich fatty acids the body can’t store and is known to aid cognitive function, physical performance, weight management, and it’s far better for the planet.

Do yourself – and the apes – a double dose of good from this baby blue 500ml can.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Take it to the flame

Our new season EVOO isn’t just made by award-winning Aussies the authentic, cold-pressed way and full of potent protective antioxidants and vitamins – it’s designed to be fired up!

Add flavour and depth to your Mediterranean – or any cuisine – with nourishment and energy thrown in, naturally.

Kick cholesterol to the curb – the bad stuff, anyway – with an aromatic hint of pear and a peppercorn heat from the totally Awesome red can, full of locally grown and harvested, internationally accredited olives, ready for pan-fried, stir-fried, or stove top action.

It’s a mouthful, but trust us, it’s a good one.

MCT Oil: The Awesome way to boost your brain, body & metabolism

Here’s a super slick move you can slide into a smoothie, a brew, or over a salad in taste-free, odour-free, water-soluble, easily digestible liquid form to fire up your brain, body, and metabolism.

No nasties, just the all Awesome-ness derived from 100% natural coconut oil, and rapidly oxidised for energy minus the carbs. It’s too easy.

What’s more, it’s a no-prescription-required daily addition to a healthy diet that can protect your heart, manage some gastrointestinal disorders, even diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and autism.

You can’t get a more powerful, all-natural health partner than that in a can.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – pure, raw, liquid gold

Take it raw, shaken, stirred, straight from its pure white can to any plate or snack deserving its full-bodied punch; as a focaccia’s best friend, to liven a marinade, or to make your pesto glisten and go the extra mile.

And thanks to those mono-unsaturated fatty-acids (the healthy stuff you can’t see) it’s doing you the world of good.

How good? Awesome Food Company use only 100% Adelaide Hills and Murray Lands grown, harvested, cold-processed, new season Rio Vista Olives, accredited by the International Olive Oil Council, passing its free fatty acid microbiological testing, and awarded the Golden Olive Award 2020.

Supporting local, supporting health. Way to go Awesome.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Juniper: World-first wow-factor in a can

Here’s where our awarded EVOO goes OTT, but in an Awesome way, and you’ll want some.

Rain it over fresh sashimi, swirl it into a designer martini, or soak it into spongey bread for major tastebud satisfaction. Dinner parties? This will lift your game.

And you can talk up its benefits around the Ligne Roset. The polyphenols in EVOO not only furnish the immune system and protect you from heart disease, they display anti-cancer activity too.

Perhaps just hold the Chianti and whip up a gin sling with a juniper berry twist instead?

So much more than chic, world-first bragging rights in an Awesome can.

Go black, and you’ll never go back…