PORTOFINO DRY GIN Experience the spirit of the Italian
Riviera wherever you are.
LLANLLYR SOURCE SOURCE Spring Water and Natural
Mixers have been produced from a spring
water source in Wales for over 20 years.
IL NONNO PASTA Il Nonno Foods prides itself on
providing premium quality pasta
products to our consumers.

The Awesome
Food Company

Proudly South Australian, the Awesome Food Company was established in 2018.

We’re an importer, distributor and manufacturer of premium, organic, healthy, clean, tasty, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly foods – every morsel highly nutritious, with little to no nasties –supplying innovative food and bev that everyone’s going to love… Our products have a genuine point of difference. We work with a small and bespoke range of carefully selected suppliers and products, rather than operating as an all-purpose distributor with thousands of products that don’t make sense or add value to our customers and ultimately the consumers.

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Portofino Gin

Portofino Gin features 21 ingredients carefully selected for their intense aromatic properties. Juniper, lemon, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, sage, iris, roses – together with other local delicacies – are handpicked in our botanical sanctuary on the hills of Portofino.


Absolutely awesome products. Pasta Irollo is one of the nicest gluten free pasta I have ever tasted. Paired with AFC Napoli Pasta Sauce it’s a quick, simple delicious meal my busy family enjoy eating.

– Eclipse real estate
Office Manager

It’s really exciting seeing a company bringing quality products to a flooded market. Awesome Food Company does this in spades – the Gluten free pasta is the best that I’ve tried!

The first time I tried the Bagnomaria Sauce, I was instantly reminded of the Sugo my Nonna used to make. They’ve used fresh ingredients and no additives which is so different to so many other off the shelf sauces. Great work Awesome Food Company bringing in this great product.

I’m a huge fan of the Portofino Gin, what a great and exciting product brought to Australia by the Awesome Food Company! Definitely my go to for the sneaky Friday afternoon G&T.

– Brad Forester

We love their innovative products and how well they work with our menu. We always look forward to the next new product as it always seems to enhance our menu offerings.

– Marcus Pale – IL Camino

The team at Awesome food always bring amazing products for us to use that compliment our artisan cooking methods that are backed up with product knowledge, 10/10 service and infectious passion. We love their attention to ingredients and have access to their dietician and experienced product development team and manufacturers….keep up the Awesome Work Awesomefoodcompany

– Tony T
Anthony’s Cucina

We have been exporting to the globe for over 30 years and Awesome Food Company are the most attentive to the full process to ensure 100% traceability and and never concerned on price as quality and value come first. It is great to have a company that knows what they want, have experienced development teams that work close with us and a dietician on hand to ensure the ingredients are true and work to ensure healthier eating…they want clean labels and we love that…
We do love working with them….

– Fabiano
La Russolino

In a very short period, John has built a very strong base for the Llanllyr brand portfolio and we couldn’t be more pleased with the upward sales trajectory in Australia! Before their first container ever hit the shores of South Australia, John had already leveraged his relationships based on his past F&B experience and pre-sold most of the product in Retail and in the HORECA channels. John is a meticulous planner with a customer-first attitude. It’s wonderful to be working with John to build SOURCE and be a part of his mission of “taking great tasting natural products with better for you ingredients and pairing it with the cool factor!

– Mike Rosenblatt
COO SOURCE Premium Waters and Craft Mixers

I have been working with John Russo from AWESOME FOOD COMPANY for over 15 years now in the capacity of National Marketing Manager. It is always a pleasure to work with John and his team as they are always first to market with innovation, truly understand consumer trends and are very aware of ensuring all customers have access to quality products at fair pricing. John is passionate about food and beverage and his attention to detail and service is definitely makes him one of our highest regarded suppliers. We absolutely love working with AFC and always enjoy reviewing new and exciting products they have to offer.

– Romeo’s Retail Group